Hi, I'm Andrew!  My expertise is designing digital experiences that change behavior.  I strive to understand as much as possible about the intersection between people, technology, and business.

Based in Silicon Valley, I’m an independent product consultant to organizations of all sizes on Behavior Design, Product Strategy, and User Research. I especially enjoy working with founders of consumer mobile startups of any industry, whether it's in digital health, social, edtech, messaging, etc. Right now, I serve as a Product Advisor to the founders of Zenly, a location-based social network based in Paris, which has raised over $33M from investors including Peter Fenton at Benchmark.

Learn more about my work, my writing, and my background.  Want to chat? Contact me here.

MY Work

Trained by Dr. BJ Fogg at the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, I help my clients solve a wide range of problems and needs: finding product/market fit; optimizing for engagement, retention, and onboarding; crafting the right marketing messaging and value prop positioning; properly conducting unbiased user research that translates into product improvements; and designing for behavior change.

I’ve worked with the executive teams at Fortune 500 companies, Silicon Valley startups, nonprofit foundations, consulting agencies, and academic labs. I’ve also worked in a wide range of industries: mobile, edtech, digital health, media, social, location-based services, SaaS, productivity, and hardware.

Some of my past clients include: NBC News (NYC), The U.S. Fund at UNICEF (NYC), Zenly (Paris), WeMoms (Paris), CK-12 Foundation (Palo Alto), Whil.com (SF), Turing Email (Menlo Park), Brandtrust (Chicago), Noom Health (NYC), Pereira & O’Dell (SF) and Curriculum Associates (Boston).

As of April 2017 I'm interested in the following opportunities:

1) Exploring huge opportunities on mobile stemming from unmet needs. A lot of people argue that mobile is dead; I completely disagree. Smartphones are the most important platform in consumer's lives today. I've worked with enough mobile startups to know what works, and what doesn't.

2) Advising select high-growth mobile startups (right now, I'm focused on Zenly and WeMoms)

If you're working on something interesting on mobile, or if you'd like to chat, email me at amartin6@stanford.edu.

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